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ICIF Workforce Development

Visual communication is seen by business, education, entertainment, and almost all segments of the economy as beneficial if not vital and the Audio Visual Communications industry has been involved in improving the way people communicate for decades. The continuing success of the AV industry and its future contributions is predicated on the ability to sustain a substantial workforce that has the technological and cognitive abilities to support it…and be the AV innovators of tomorrow.

Since its charter, ICIF has successfully improved education and helped to prepare students for careers in the audiovisual industry. Funding donated to ICIF from InfoComm International member manufacturers was used to develop the first InfoComm Academy online courses, and their sponsorship continues to support course revisions and the state-of-the-art delivery system. Since 1997 over 14,000 course sessions have been taken — more than 1,000,000 individual lessons — and there are more than 2,000 students currently enrolled. Also, a grant from the U.S. Department of Education was used to develop an eight-course college AV curriculum with partner community colleges.

In addition, ICIF has awarded more than 25 scholarships for post-secondary education through its scholarship programs and has sponsored scholarship awards for the winning audiovisual technology teams at the SkillsUSA Championships, the nation's showcase competition for public career and technical education. Seven InfoComm International member manufacturers donate industry scholarships that can be used for InfoComm International educational programs around the world. And through VTECS, Research-Based Information and Resources for Career and Workforce Development, a detailed job task analysis survey of installation and design positions is in its final stages.

ICIF is committed to ongoing support of AV workforce development through these and new initiatives ensuring the continuing contributions of our industry to future communications.


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  Industry -- Scholarships, Member Activity Post Secondary -- Scholarships, AVTech Online High School -- SkillsUSA  


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