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ICIF Industry Awareness / AVolution

InfoComm International is active in 60 countries, and new and exciting applications of AV are evident everywhere. Although the AV industry is ubiquitous, it's often misunderstood and taken for granted. Through AVolution, the AV industry can open customers' eyes and ears to the importance and necessity of AV technology to modern communications and gain recognition for the professionals who design and integrate permanent installations as well as event systems that support meetings and conferences.

In its leadership role as the association for the professional AV industry, InfoComm International is mounting the AVolution campaign which showcases the AV industry as "evolved" and integral to the success of any sophisticated communications project. It features case studies and samples of actual AV end users to tell the story about AV today.

The AVolution campaign is produced by the International Communications Industries Foundation (ICIF) with assistance from the InfoComm International. 

The AVolution campaign is open to the principals of all AV solutions providers whether or not they are a member of InfoComm International. InfoComm International is spearheading the campaign but recognizes the impact of having the broadest participation by AV professionals. AVolution participants must adhere to 10 Standards of Excellence and be in a position to influence their employees to learn about the AVolution and actively participate in the industry campaign.



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